Atreya and the Cabin

It is June 15, 2013, Father's day weekend and we finally got a chance to open up the cabin. We usually try to come out late April, early May. It's been a sucky Summer this year with mother nature punishing us Minnesotans by depriving us of our Summer as if we're not punished enough to have long winter months all year. I have a love-hate relationship with Minnesota. It's mostly love though.

It's Atreya's first visit to the cabin and we didn't get a chance to get the dock out due to the storm. Treyton, all of the sudden gained interest in fishing, so we got him a new fishing rod to which neither his Dad or Grandpa knew how to line it. Thank goodness for YouTube. The storm also had prevented us from having a seafood boil on the deck on this so we had it inside.

Jeff and Treyton had a chance to bond on one of the two nicer days -- Sunday -- to shoot BB guns while Jeff smoked his cigars on the deck. It can't get any manly-er than that. I was okay with Jeff teaching such skills, in case of Zombie Apocalypse, in which Treyton replied: "Mom, there's no such thing as Zombie Apocalypse." Yes, I'm obviously not the adult in this relationship, on this instance.

Here are some pictures I took from the cabin in honor of Father's Day. To my love Jeffrey. There's no other man on this planet Earth that is more perfect than my man to procreate and raise our beautiful offsprings together. We three (Agate the dog too) are so lucky to have you.







atreya-12w atreya-11w



Atreya Renna - One Month Old

At one month, Atreya is more demanding. Unlike the first two weeks, refusing to sleep in her bassinet. No longer wanted to be swaddled although I modify the way I swaddle her now, not too tightly with her arms on the side, instead, I've loosen up a bit with her arms folded on her chest and I let her legs free. Her lungs are so much stronger now that her cries are louder. She grunts a lot too. 

She's so goddamn cute though, I'm willing to overlook these annoying new habit, for a moment.

Here are some one month old pictures that I took during our impromptu vacation Up North. We love impulsive trips. Jeff was dying for a vacation so at the last minute on Friday night, we booked a one night stay at Cove Point Lodge, facing Lake Superior, equipped with an in-room jacuzzi.

DhilaB on Instagram Cove Point Lodge
Instagram picture that I really want to preserve. Everyone gets to do what they want to do. Jeff in a jacuzzi, Atreya sleeping soundly, Treyton playing his favorite game and I just want to sit and put my feet up soaking in the sound of the waves of Lakes Superior through the windows. Simple joy.

Even though it was a bit chilly (low 50's and rainy), we all had a nice relaxing time. Jeff got to do what he loves to do the most while Up North -- hunting for Agate with Treyton. I decided to take my old Canon Rebel with the crappy lens kit and took pictures strictly on manual mode. So here are some of the pictures I took of Atreya. 

I can't help myself! Posing newborn while they sleep is so much fun.


Taken at Mickey's Fish House's deck, facing Lake Superior, Cove Point Lodge. 



atreya-7-2-w atreya-6-2-w

Muah, I love you little sissy.

When he thinks I don't see him.

Atreya Renna - Two Weeks Young

Here are some pictures of Atreya taken when she's 2 weeks old. I find it amazing that she looks different in each of the pictures. 

Atreya Renna by Dhila Backstrom Photography

Atreya Renna by Dhila Backstrom Photography

Atreya Renna by Dhila Backstrom Photography

Atreya Renna by Dhila Backstrom Photography

Atreya Renna by Dhila Backstrom Photography