Twin Moms

I did a shoot for twin moms, Ashley and Alesha, and their wonderful happy family. I knew them through my friend Laura and I was so blessed to have the opportunity to photograph them. Although space, constant movement and the artificial lighting were challenging, I am very satisfied with the results.

They wanted to do a theme shoot, something along the line "I hope your Christmas Rocks" hence the Rock Band theme with the kids playing their instruments. Kayden was definitely born to hit the drums as you notice the scuff marks on the set. Baron was rocking on the guitar as Maddie shyly attempted to sing some Christmas tunes. It was THE cutest idea. You will see also that there no shortage of kisses!

Hope you enjoy these photos. Click on any photos below for a full set on Flickr.

This was their goofy photo which turned out fantastic!

Ninja Party #2

After the party at Chuckee Cheese and a nap, Ninja Treyton had another party at his house. Families only, this time. He was very delighted that everyone came and played along with wearing the ninja head band that his mommy made.

Treyton's 5th Birthday Treyton's 5th Birthday Treyton's 5th Birthday
Chinese food, what else do you think Ninjas eat?

How Do Ninjas Celebrate Birthdays at Chuckee Cheese?

Although I favor more and more to party at our house, I always get reminded how exhausting it is and I'm left with no pictures. Although I'm never short of party ideas, I rarely have time to execute a plan.

What I love about Chuckee Cheese, it allows me the opportunity to spend time and talk with family and friends and catch up on things. I get the opportunity to take pictures! YAY! You send your kids off to the play area with peace of mind that no one's going home with the wrong kid or worst, snatch your kids. The adults can sit and occasionally have adult chats between "Mom, can I have more tokens." or "Mom, so and so wouldn't take turns."

Treyton's 5th Birthday Treyton's 5th Birthday
Ordered some black ninja cupcakes and arranged them to resemble number 5
The goodie bags looked good!

Ninja Party Prep

Treyton celebrated his 5th birthday this year and three-days away before his Chuckee Cheese birthday celebration in the late morning and a birthday at home in the evening -- yes, all in one day-- I decided I wanted to put a little more effort this year. Here's what I did for kids goodie bags.

First, the invitation

Have you met Hudson?

I had the pleasure of photographing Hudson, a year and a half cutest ever little boy with him momma Mary and his pop Max. Their pooch Bended is quite a hoot! I was excited when Mary said she wanted me to photograph Hudson wearing a traditional Korean outfit. The outfit was absolutely gorgeous and Hudson looked quite handsome in it.

I had such a great time shooting them outdoors as well, not only the weather and the light was super accommodating for September, the spot that Mary chose was an awesome pick! I hope I get to watch Hudson grow over the years ahead.

Here are some of them. Click here to view the complete set on my Flickr account and or slideshow on the bottom page. Enjoy!