Ninja Party Prep

Treyton celebrated his 5th birthday this year and three-days away before his Chuckee Cheese birthday celebration in the late morning and a birthday at home in the evening -- yes, all in one day-- I decided I wanted to put a little more effort this year. Here's what I did for kids goodie bags.

First, the invitation

Treyton's 5th Birthday
I bought some ninja figurines at Party City, a set of 12 was about 5 bucks. Some fortune cookies and ball and jacks (my favorite game growing up!)

Treyton's 5th Birthday
Jeff made about 30 of these origami Ninja stars from regular papers. I packaged them out with some mini markers for the kids to decorate their own ninja stars.

Treyton's 5th Birthday

Treyton's 5th Birthday
Then I bought a yard of white fabric from Joann's, 2 bucks, cut them up to make ninja head bands. I wrote each kid's name with fabric pen in Japanese (thank you Google Translations). I also made some for the adults for the evening party.

I bought these chinese takeout containers from my favorite Chinese restaurant, Que Viet, for 10 cents each (way cheaper than the Container store). The chopsticks were from Sun Food, an Asian grocery store, a buck fifty for 10 sets.

Treyton's 5th Birthday

So how did the party go?
Click here for Chuckee Cheese Party and here for the evening party with the family.


  1. Anonymous23.11.10

    This was well prepared... you are going to do Bossman's 1st b-day party plan hehehe :)

  2. Anonymous23.11.10

    Wow! This is awesome. You are a super ninja party planner. I will have to hire you for photo and party planning services now, too! ...thanks for shutting!
    Mary S. Arden Hills

  3. Anonymous23.11.10

    That was sharing, silly word correct. Sorry.

  4. Mandi8.12.10

    Dhila, this is inspiring! Great work and so sorry we missed it!