About Dhila

I'm a mother of two beautiful children, Treyton and Atreya. Treyton - a boy punk - an 7 8 -year old Chess and Lego geek and Atreya, a freshly born punkette at six weeks (as of June 22, 2013). Instagram hashtag #BigBrotherTreyton and #HelloAtreya if you care to browse their pictures. I take pictures everyday, whether it'd be with my "nicer" DSLR or my Samsung phone iPhone. When and if there is an invention where one could take a picture simply by pressing your temple and using you eye as the lens and get automatically downloaded to my phone or Dropbox, I'll be the first person to invest in such contraption. I guess I take pictures to remember. My memories aren't the greatest thus my constant obsession of my life preservations and other people's in that matter . I can honestly say my life is pretty precious and I'd like to be able to go back and reminisce when Alzheimer and Dementia hit me in my old age. When I'm not slaving myself to a large corporation on a full-time basis or snapping pictures left and right, I cook and bake. You can view some of the food I made at home and dined out on Instagram, although recently it's filled with the punkette. I'm a self-proclaimed Indonesian born foodie living in Minneapolis. My husband, Jeff and I love to cook together and when we're not cooking, we nourish ourselves by dining out and checking out new restaurants. I think that's when my love for cooking grew, from our dining experience, training my taste buds and exposing them to the beautiful world of culinary. It helps that I grew up in Indonesia -- poor -- so we waste nothing. When I say nothing, the insides of animals get consumed and Indonesia is rich and bountiful with a plethora of spices, thanks to its tropical weather. As of the beginning of October 2013, I took up knitting and I think I like it Thanks for checking out this blog << not a very good closing statement but I'm out of words right now and the punkette demanded my breast for sustenance. Dhila