92 Dollars Coffee

For two cup of joes at Mystic Lake Casino, paired with cards and cards and cards of BINGO will get you daubbing away for two and a half hours.

The first time I went to a bingo was with my girlfriends, Mandi, Erin and Sera at The Grand Casino. It was fun! Jeff has never been so that's when we decided to give it a try.

First you need to know when the sessions are. We bought a 40 dollar package and apparently -- something new to me -- you could buy the electronic version where you will receive a hand held monitor with a stand that will mark the numbers for you when they're called. It even beeps to warn you that you're close to a getting a bingo. All you have to do is watch the series and yell out BINGO! Genius!

I'm an old fashion gal. One of the fun parts of playing Bingo is dabbing the bright colored ink onto the card. It's fun browsing through randomly placed 75-numbers of 1-75 over a five letter word.

To play a 6-faces (12 cards) bingo is pretty intense for a newbie and thus the monitor would have come in handy. This is the regular session where the cards are to be used once until someone calls BINGO before you move on to the next round. The announcer goes super fast and sometimes you get one with a thick accent that you can't really tell if he/she says 72 or 73. Two distinctly different annunciations, yet I hard a time telling, Jeff could back me up on this.

This is a 3-face card bingo card

What worked for me is the TV screens around the walls that show the next ball after they call the current number. I supposed this will make it easier for those who have a hard time hearing, such as OLD PEOPLE. The TV screen gets you ahead of the announcer, so watch it!

The jackpot rounds are my favorite. You receive 3-faces card and you get to reuse them over 4 rounds. They vary each round with many different patterns to win.

No, you CANNOT drink on this sovereign premise -- major bummer! Appetizers are available for purchase and beverages are complementary. The area is divid

ed by a glass wall for a smoking area and a non-smoking area. There is always someone friendly to guide you through the session as well as selling you additional jackpot cards.

I'm interested in trying out the Cosmic Bingo which is held Fridays and Saturday late night starting at 11pm. Who wants to go with me?

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