Behind The Scene of S&B Wedding

I had the pleasure of photographing Breanne and Skyler's wedding at 5120 Restaurant and Onyx Bar in Bloomington, Minn. and met their family members. If you haven't seen their engagement photo session, you need to check it out! It will make you go aaaawwwww.....

The bridesmaids and groomsmen are some of the funniest people I've met and I'm so thankful to be included in this special occasion. Since I spent pretty much the whole day I'm going to try my best to tell the story behind the scene. Make sure to read the caption and bare with me as I tried to jot down my memory of the attendees.

{The Setting}

Breanne_Skyler_2011-38.jpg Breanne_Skyler_2011-4.jpg


Breanne's mom did ALL the flower arrangements on the table including the flowers for the girls. She did a fantastic job!

Breanne_Skyler_2011-26.jpg  Breanne_Skyler_2011-18.jpg

Breanne_Skyler_2011-10.jpg  Breanne_Skyler_2011-12.jpg
The couple loves going to the Bad Waitress for breakfast (which happens to be Jeff and I favorite place to go for breakfast, I'm craving Tokyo Rose as I'm typing this). Anyway, these are the couple's drawing while waiting for the food to arrive. So they asked guests to fold the paper in a trifold and each section (head, body and legs) are to be drawn separately without peeking on the previous drawing of the previous body part. SUPER cute idea!

{The Stylist}
Also happens to be the Groom's sister and one of the bridesmaids. This girl was BUSY all day. The groomsmen kept her busy all day by giving out free haircut! Bless her heart....



{The Bridesmaids}

Skyler's littlest sister

Breanne's Sister


{The Groomsmen}


So Skyler said,"Your tie is impeccably perfect, can you do one for me?". He goes "Huh? What  do you mean do one for you?"


Breanne_Skyler_2011-120.jpg Breanne_Skyler_2011-129.jpg  

{The Haircut}
The Groomsmen got fancy haircut from the talented Ms. Skyler's sister

Breanne_Skyler_2011-168.jpg Breanne_Skyler_2011-217.jpg 

Don't you just LOVE her earrings? So suited for the occassion

{The Groom: Getting Ready}



Skyler's dad, making sure the boy looked sharp

The boys hanging out.

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