Here's a story of Jenny who wants to have pictures taken for her first born son, Tristan, a four month old. Jenny, Dave and baby Tristan went to a studio, paid the small fee session around 30 bucks, few clicks here and there and were given 40 pictures to review. Unfortunately both Jenny and Dave were not impressed with the results and the studio even dared to ask if they would be interested in purchasing a CD of all images for a ridiculous amount of money. They ended up purchasing one single print that they thought was eh?.

So Jenny expressed her frustration to her girlfriends Laura and Alissa, who happens to know a friend who's passionate about taking pictures and they encourage her to

Jenny wanted to do the shoot at either the Waker Art Center or The Rose Garden by Lake Harriet. Excellent choices! But then I got to thinking, I remember those days when getting Treyton ready at this age was such a hassle. Dressing him, ensuring the diaper bag is well stocked with diapers, wipes, toys, baby bottles, formula, oh, let's not forget the pacifier, no, you do not want to forget the pacifier. Then buckling him on the car seat, driving and possibly fighting traffic, lugging the baby carriage and the diaper bag, and your purse. The place might be crowded. What if it rains? what if it's too hot? I just don't want to put her through this for a photo shoot.

I asked Jenny if she wouldn't mind doing the shoot at her house. For her sake and for Tristan's sake. I told her I want this experience to be fun, relaxing and comfortable. A house is such a comfort zone, especially for babies. These attributes will help tremendously on how the photos are going to turn out. I was so glad that she agreed to do the shoot at her house. Not only Dave could now be in the pictures, so is the dog Jager! I was especially glad with this decision because it was such a hot day that we only lasted for so long outdoor in the shades.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I did. I'm also glad that Jenny loved how the pictures turned out. She was so kind to forward me her mother-in-law's kind comments about the photos. She said she was in tears watching these photos. Congratulations to both Jenny and Dave to be blessed with such a happy beautiful baby boy. Thank you for letting me capture these priceless moments with you. I'm looking forward to many photo shoots ahead and witnessing Tristan as he grows up.

I asked both Jenny and Dave if I could borrow their wedding rings for Tristan to hold on to. I had to make sure they didn't end up in his mouth. I love how this turned out.



Here's the handsome punk. 

031711-5 031711-6 031711-13-2



I had to snap this fast while we're trying to pose Tristan on this vintage ceramic pot

Jenny was so worried about this shot. I think they turned out super adorable!

031711-57 031711-56
Proud papa!

Don't you just want pinch his cheeks!

My favorite

another favorite

There's a story here. We almost didn't want to do the blocks because we were short one letter. With a little magic trick of Photoshop we were able to spell out his name right.

Mommy loves you!

031711-110 031711-111 031711-112 

Here are some of things that he may aspire to be. Wakeboarding?

Professional Billiards player?

or perhaps a football player?

Then we moved outside and borrowed the neighbor's shaded yard. It was REALLY hot outside

What a gorgeous family.

I'd be smiling too if I had this much love.

031711-160 031711-177 031711-183

Uh-oh, someone quick, feed this hungry punk!

Another favorite of mine. Isn't she just gorgeous?!

This is the part when you go aaaaawwwwww

Let me hear it aaaaawwwwwww

AGAIN! aaaawwwwww...
I love how sickly in love they are with each other and with Tristan. These three shots turned out so good, I felt like I just took a picture of a family of Hollywood stars.

A beautiful union.

My number one favorite. Great timing, great moment, beautiful lighting, perfect composition

yummy yummy in my tummy makes me happy hanging with daddy. Yes I rhyme, you would too if you have kids.

I think he qualifies to be a Gerber baby. 

Why do I have a bad feeling about this as he grows older and start strangling Jager?

and chewing on Jager's ears.

No worries. They're best buds.

I call this: "I'm complete"

By the way, this is the garden that Dave built for Jenny as a Mother's day present. Too sweet!

It's Jager time! Jenny:"Let's do a shot with Jager (Yuh-Ger). Me:"What's a Yuh-Ger". Jenny laughing:"That's our dog's name. Jager means Hunter in German." Me:"A-Ha"

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