Carson + Jenny = Engaged

Here's a sneak peek of Jenny and Carson engagement session. It was a chilly early March Minnesota afternoon but we were blessed with no clouds in the sky. We did the session at the beautiful Minehaha Falls (sorry we missed the gazebo, kids) and we also did a short session at the Stone Arch Bridge

I've known Jenny for many years and this girl can't sit still! And just from the session we did Saturday, these two can't keep their eyes off each other and are sickly in love, it makes me sick (in a good way). They are the cutest, super active couple. They run marathons, they hike, they bike, they row, they snowboard, they ski and who knows what else, I really can't keep track! No matter what the weather, nothing would stop them from being outdoor. As a friend, I'm absolutely ELATED for these two lovebirds and I cannot wait to be a part of their wedding. I love you two!


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