Sneak Peek: Sam and Tristan

I'm SO FRIGGIN' EXCITED when Jenny called me to do a session with Sammy and Tristan. You MUST check out the sessions I did with Tristan for his three, six, nine,  and twelve months. This handsome punk is turning TWO next week and he's now a big brother to little Sammy! He's grown up so much and he's bloody HILARIOUS! I have a nickname for him now: pickle face
(sorry Jenny), because throughout the session we use pickle (with a long pronunciation at the end, thus creates an "O" opening on the mouth).

I had a REALLY fun session this Sunday at Jenny's house, despite my limitation in mobility being six months pregnant. We worked really hard to put Mr. Sammy to sleep, he was wide awake and the only time that he's actually asleep I tried to work as fast as I could to get some posed shots.

Congratulations Jenny and Dave, I cannot wait to show you all the rest of the pictures!


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