Camping Trip - Blue Fin Bay

So, the first day, we didn't do any camping. It was wet, cold and it had been raining pretty much all day. There's no way we would set up camp, so Jeff took action and decided to check us all in at Blue Fin Bay Resort. We've stayed here before and were impressed with the experience, especially the view. Although the restaurant, Blue Fin Grille, could use a good chef, the hotel is definitely up-to-par. The honeymoon suite equipped with a jacuzzi and a cute little attic to fit two people and gaze at the beauty of Lake Superior. We love this place because it reminds us of Turtle Bay Resort in Hawaii when we spent our 2nd year wedding anniversary.

Here's a slideshow of Blue Fin Bay inside and out.

Up next (something to look forward to):

  1. Temperance River
  2. Gooseberry Falls
  3. Betty's Pies
  4. World's Best Donuts
  5. Split Rock Light House
  6. Sven and Ole's
  7. Bonfire!
  8. The beach behind our camp site
  9. Cascade Restaurant
  10. Cascade Falls
  11. Sugarloaf Cove Beach
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  1. Such a lovely place! Wondering when will I visit sometimes?

  2. @babalisme WELCOME! If you think these are beautiful wait for more to come.