Day 2 - Gooseberry Falls

We headed to Gooseberry Falls from Temperance River. They're not too far apart. Gooseberry Falls can be found in Minnesota's Gooseberry Falls State Park. There you will also find the lower and middle falls. To reach the upper falls from the parking area, follow the signs to the lower and middle falls. Then follow the trails on the west side of the river under the bridge to view the upper falls. If you continue on these trails you will eventually reach Fifth Falls.
This is a very popular park. The lower, middle and upper falls are just a short walk away from the parking area, and you can climb all over them, which seems to be popular with the kids in the summer. Getting a picture of the falls without people in them is quite the challenge. I imagine the falls are much more wild looking in the spring when the water is higher and the people are fewer.

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  1. Hi Dhila, we are finally doing our 'Happy Snappy tour' to personally thank you for visiting our site with comments. We've been happy to see you come back after the first visit. :)

    You have asked earlier for our comments/advice on some of your photos, but since we are no pros, let us just say that these photos with your kids and the nice bokeh in the background are simply lovely, and all in all we are enjoying looking around here. So keep on doing what you're doing! :)

    Greetings from Finland and Scotland!