Day 3 - Sven and Ole's

After spending an afternoon at Split Rock Lighthouse rock skipping Rock we headed back to downtwon Grand Marais. We decided to introduce the kids to Sven and Ole's, an awesome pizza joint with a flair. This is a must-go place for lunch or dinner if you are at Grand Marais. They've been around since 1985 by two Scandinavian brothers. Some of their delicious pizzas are the The Haviian Zah, The Vild Vun, Shicken and Vild Rice Zah, and the regular Meat Zah. All are delicious and the kids agree. They also offer Chicago style pizza which I have yet to try.

When you come here expect a line and once you place your order sit down in the dining area and your order will be brought out. You may also get them to go and eat them by the shoreline of Lake Superior. Can't beat good pizza and awesome view of the lake.

Sven and Ole's
The walls are filled with these interesting trinkets. The kids had a ton of fun playing "I spy".

Sven and Ole's
The kids waiting just across from Sven and Ole's. This place is called The Beaver House, a bait and tackle family run shop that's been around for 40 years. The kids were asking why there was no beavers coming out of the roof.

4th of Jul Vac to Grand Marais 315
Here's another cute place to grab fast lunch. The Dockside Fish Market. They serve whatever they catch that day as well as smoked fish.

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