Haute Dish is HAUTE!

This year is Jeff and I 9th year wedding anniversary. After a successful scout of a sitter for a night, I scouted for the all generic but no fail celebration, dinner and a movie. Archery range was one of the ideas that I thought we could do. My friend at work Tonja recommended me "Going The Distance" which was pretty good by the way, Drew Barrymore was hilarious!

For dinner we went to "Haute Dish" at the Warehouse District. I had such a wonderful experience at the restaurant I decided to share this with you all.

Reservations were not available, they were booked until 9 pm although they suggested the bar is open seating and there are a couple of tables for walk-ins. So we said, okay! We showed up at the restaurant with no surprise, it was packed! The host told us we could hang out at the bar, but there was no seats at the bar and we had a feeling we won't be able to get a table at all.

Almost walking out to try a different restaurant, a gentleman came up to us, the restaurant manager I assume, and offered us to look at the drink menu. He suggested that we waited at tiny little corner lobby, sip cocktails and he promised us the next table that's open is going to be ours. Thumbs up, way up to the restaurant manager.

Jeff ordered No. 2, a drink (two I guess) consist of, Jameson whiskey and a Surly Furious. I, on the other hand was enjoying Pimm's Cup, a concoctions of Pimm's gin, 7-up and lemon juice. The last time I had a Pimm's Cup was at the Napoleon House in New Orleans.

As we waited sipping our cocktails, admiring the warm and classic hues of the ceiling and people watching (love this part), I couldn't help but notice that the clienteles that night were so diverse! Gray haired executives with their wives in Channel wrap. Biker guys in chaps, biker guys in tights. The gays and the lesbians. The young executives. The girls who just ended their shifts from, Sexworld and Sinners, the restaurant next door neighbors. The restaurant is definitely situated on a prime location.

After a couple of rounds, we finally got sat. We were greeted by this cute, warm waitress who has a full sleeve tatts on her right arm. Beautiful work on the arm. She went over the specials that night which I could not remember. But I vividly remember what we had.

The menu was constructed with First, Second and Third courses and Jeff and I decided to try two dishes from each course. Yeah, we came really hungry.

First course

I had Steak and Egg - steak tartare, egg in a hole (they cut out a hole on a piece of toast and placed a sunny side up yolk) and bloody mary oyster shooter. The steak tartare was wonderful and melts in your mouth. Sip on the oyster shooter after the tartare and you'll left with a wonderful after taste.

Jeff had Buffalo Quail which he said was okay.

Second Course

Jeff went with Mac & Cheese. This is no Mac & Cheese from Noodle's & Co nor Kraft, my friend. The chef uses large rigatoni as noodles with creamy cheese sauce, shaved Tallegio cheese, bits of truffel and topped with cilantro. The king crab pairs is so buttery and pairs well with the cheese sauce.

The asian in me went with General Tso's Sweetbreads. I was a little disappointed with this choice. I've had better combination of fried rice and general Tso chicken. The sweetbread had a little bit of "fishy" after taste but I liked it. If only they put a few more morsels of those sweetbreads, I only had a sliver.

Third Course

I went with Tater HauteDish. This was also a delight. As soon as I broke open the crispy potato croquette, creamy light potato mousse oozes out as it marries with smooth porcini bechamel sauce. The short ribs were fork tender and also melted in my mouth.

Jeff went with Steak and Potatoes. Why of course Mr. Whitey! The presentation was beautiful. The marrow was still inside the bone and I instructed Jeff to scoop out the marrow and spread it on the toast and topped with a little of the Gremolata (parsley, garlic, lemon zest) . It was an acquired taste and I gave him props to try. But I was delighted to finish it. He said the Ribeye was cooked as he asked.

And for dessert we went with Peaches and Crumble because the menu said it had bacon, yeap you heard me right, in it. Whoa, was I in for a treat! Peach ice cream, peach mousse, with cubed peaches topped with candied crumbled bacon. There was absolutely no odd taste here. Everything works and my mouth just had a party. I wanted seconds!

They truly took classic Midwestern cooking to the level I've never experienced before and for Jeff this was such an experience because he grew up with meat and potatoes as a staple. I'll be back for the Duck in a Can as well as Pork and Beans. This classic Midwestern join sure has our thumbs up, way up!