On The Way to Grand Marais

I am so excited about our trip to Grand Marais. This one is especially special because my sister is herding her crew Ivory, Zack, Jacob and Baby ZZ to come with us.

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Treyton cannot be anymore excited. He really treasures his time with them as they do not live in the same town as we do. He loves spending time with his "many cousins" he calls it (he also has two cousins in town, Ethan and Kael, which I should tell him that he now has a third called Kian) and wishes that we all live in the same town. Sorry Punk.


What makes this trip extra special for me is the fact that I get to take my Canon Rebel with me. The tripod et. al. Oooouuuuuiiiiii. I am like a kid in a candy store!
Jeff dusted off his telescope so that the kids can see the stars, hopefully some planets too, since we'll be so high above the sea level and far far away from city lights.
The other day we tested it and were able to see Jupiter and its belt along with its four moons; Ganymede, Callisto, Europa and Io. It was quite a treat!

We have been to Grand Marais (pronouce Grand Muh-Rays) many times. You can see pictures from our past trips to Grand Marais on my Flickr account. I have also downloaded our first trip to Grand Marais when Treyton was a little over one year old. This was his first "far-away" trip. He's very good with long car trips. He's used to it, being that Jeff and I can't seem to stay in the house and often pack up and leave impulsively.

4th of Jul Vac to Grand Marais 302
Treyton, one-year old

4th of Jul Vac to Grand Marais 221

4th of Jul Vac to Grand Marais 229

The trip to Grand Marais is a straight shot along the way on MN-61 North. Plan to hit up Canal Park in Duluth, visit Betty's Pies and gorge yourself on this to-die-for Peach Pie located in Two Harbors before we stop park at Gooseberry Falls. Just a few miles from Gooseberry Falls is Split Rock Lighthouse State Park. A very quite beach and you can hike up to visit the lighthouse. My favorite is actually the small island across from the shore where you can access when the tides are low by crawling and climbing along the side of huge rocks. The kids will get a kick out of this!

4th of Jul Vac to Grand Marais 052
Canal Park, Duluth

4th of Jul Vac to Grand Marais 409
Grand Marais

4th of Jul Vac to Grand Marais 197
Split Rock Lighthouse

Continue going North and you'll stop at Tettegouch. The falls here are breathtaking. Quite a hike, but totally worth it.

4th of Jul Vac to Grand Marais 250

Next stop before you hit your final destination is Temperance River. Be sure to fill our water bottle, by the gallons if you can with this water. It's the freshest spring water no Brita can beat (quoted and sworn by Jeff, and I believe him). At this point the drive to Grand Marais will be scenefied (is that a word) by the great Lake Superior on one side and the a national forest on the other. If you kept going about 25 miles further down you'll hit the Canadian border. But that's for a different adventure.

Complete photos can be played via the slideshow below or by accessing this link to my Flickr account. Stay tune for photos when we return.

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  1. Have fun! Love the photos...so beautiful!