Meet Ranger - our OC cat

This is Ranger. Ranger is a licker, an obsessive compulsive licker. He will lick your skin to death as well as licking himself to death. He is the most gentle cat I've ever known and very friendly excepts when he sees other cats.


I want to share with you his eating habit. Unlike any other cats, normal ones, he eats laying down, pick up his food with this paw and scoops it up and clam the bits between it's toes and then shoves them down to his mouth.

He is the most self sufficient cat. He has a self feeder and we never have to feed him on a regular basis. As soon as the feeder is empty then we refill it. We placed his bed about one-to-two feet away from his feeder and often time I had to readjust his bed because it was touching the feeder. I didn't think why this always happens where I kept readjusting, until I found out that he would lay down on his bed and eat at the same time, scooping food with his paw from the feeder on his bed.





Do you know any other cats that eat like this? Raise your PAW!