Cooking Mama

Yes, there is a video game made for it called Cooking Mama. Happens to be my son , Treyton, and I, one of the favorites.

When Carrie Bradshaw quoted, "I'm more Coco Chanel than Coq Au Vin". I
would agree with her statement.......

....until Treyton came along....

I have made an attempt to start cooking now that I am a mother. I am an okay cook. Growing up I cooked some Indonesian dishes for my four sisters back home when my mom is away overseas, grandma's too busy with her orphanage home and the maid (yes we had a maid, it's not uncommon in Indonesia) is busy doing laundry or running "errands".When Jeff and I dated, I attemped to make a Gumbo and the roux turned out horrible.

So I stopped trying and we ate out like nobody's business. That's when we became foodies. Then a baby came and we have no time or enough money to eat out or can never find a sitter to eat out.

Nowadays, cooking is definitely a place for me to unwind, to relax. My husband was my inspiration.

He picked up French cooking from online recipes. Yes, he's the kinda guy who's been playing Fantasy Football since he was nine years old, never missed a Sunday game and me coming home from work smelling reduced Pinot Noir sauce permeating the whole house, complete with candle lights and the leftover Pinot Noir to share.

And yes, Treyton joins our candle light dinner. Summertime is filled with late night dinners on our tropical deck complete with tabletop waterfall, and tiki torches while Izzi is singing in the background.

So I swapped my fondness of Coco Chanel with Coq Au Vin and it was the best swapped ever. I happen to enjoy chopping vegetables. I have somewhat mastered making roux, I whipped egg whites by hands, the end results of the stiff peaks as you pull up the whisk up in the air, always gives me joy and the giggles.

In the past I haven't been good at taking pictures of my cooking. Here's what I could salvage:

Instead of the traditional Gingerbread man cookies, we made "Patrick" from Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Valentine cupcakes for my co-workers

Cupcakes for Daycare

At the request of Mr. Amadeus, I made this Transformers cake. My only wish that I had Chocolate frosting instead of Vanilla to bring out the airbrush fondant of the Autobot. But the prince requested white frosting. All is well.

Gumbo (3 hours to cook, finally mastered the roux)

Christmas Hot chocolate (Treyton didn't want to wait till Christmas for this)

Lemon Blueberry Scones

Grilled Pork with Spicy Mango Salsa

Chicken and Porcini Ravioli with Pesto and Turkey Wild Rice Sausage

Three Cheese Ravioli with Sundried Tomatoes, Turkey Wild Rice Sausage, Artichoke drizzled with Spicy Pesto and sprinkled with Parmesan Reggiano