Saturday was HOT and HUMID. Treyton spent the afternoon with grandma and grandpa left Jeff and I wondering what to do that day.

Our weekends are mostly crafted around this four-year old. So, trips to Fine Line Music to catch a local band is no longer a drop and go type of thing. So when we asked each other, what should we do? I spoke up and said, let's go take photos. Jeff suggested Noerenberger which he had to say over and over again as I kept asking the name of the place over and over again.

The drive is about 25 minutes from our house which was not long at all as we ooohhhs and aaahhhs the "castles" built along the shore. This is where houses no less than three million dollars are standing tall. We passed a Marina filled with boats on the dock. We daydream everytime we passed by a house for sale.

The small memorial garden is located on the shore of Crystal Bay on Lake Minnetonka. Historically, Mr. Frederick Noerenberger, the founder of Grain Belt Brewery, built his estate on the shore of Lake Minnetonka. The flowers were crowded by bumblebees, Monarch butterflies and other kinds and dragonflies. There was a photo shoot held there for a wedding. There was gazebo overlooking the lake. In there held a wedding rehearsal.

After being baked in a hot sun standing in one place, on multiple spots, trying hard to catch one snaphot of good butterly pose, I made my way up the hill to the stairs. I was welcome with these astounding white pillars with no roof. There was engraving on the granite floor but I was too busy admiring the wood trellises filled with grapevines and matured deep purple grapes as I wonder if they do harvest them or not and what kind of red wine these types of grapes would produce if they do harvest them? Merlot? Carbernet Sauvignon? Pinot Noir?

Jeff kindly left me alone. He sat on the bench by the shore with his mobile smart phone surfing the web, facing the lake, enjoying the breeze as I took my time hopping from one flower to another. We both had a relaxing time and our stomach is growling. So off we go to Origami. Here are some of the photos I captured from the garden.

I hope you can see the slideshow below. If not, access my photostream Flickr by clicking here