Ade's Baby Shower

I am sorry my lovely sister, this was long due.
I promised these photos for you soon, but I didn't come through.
So here they are finally!
A beautiful beginning indeed,
of the joyful beginning
during this happy camaraderie.

I thought I would take a shot a rhyming. I am happy to accept your "Shut the hell up and just play the god damn slideshow."

Ade's BFF Don, and I, her oldest sister threw this shower for her. Baby Jaden had already been born then via c-section. That little stinker. But we're delighted that he's healthy and strong. Ade looked absolutely marvelous despite of recovering from a surgery and pregnancy. Congratulations Ade and Jenson.

Unfortunately the lighting in the room is absolutely horrible and pair that with crappy point-and-shoot camera where flash is absent. I entrusted my sister to take most of the pictures. She did allright. I did the best I could retouching to salvage these snapshots.

Enjoy! And on behalf of Ade, thank you all from the bottom of my heart for coming. I feel such ease to see that she is surrounded by good people who care for her and love her.

"Just play the bloody slideshow!"

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