Do Dolphins Have Boobs?

I have a four-year old boy at home. Treyton, we call him. Sometimes, Punk, Babe, or Treyt. He says the darnest thing and I wished I had collected all of his sayings and quotes throughout the years. I posted most of his mumbles on Facebook and to date I still don't know how to retrieve my old wall posts so I can blog about them. If anyone knows, do share! They are worth sharing and absolutely comical!

One of the most recent one involves boobs and dolphins. Here's how the conversation went on one fine afternoon during lunch:

Me: "Here's your chicken breast, babe"
Treyton: "MOM !I am eating chicken BOOBS"
Me: Chuckles "Well Treyton, chickens aren't mammals, they don't have boobs."
Treyton: Spontaneouly "Well, Dolphins are mammals, do they have boobs?" chomping on chicken.
Me: Snorted water out of my nose as I burst out laughing. But then raised my left eyebrow as I asked myself "Do They?"

After Google-ing dolphin boobs which resulted in many sites refering to manboobs and other not so child friendly site, I decided to search for dolpin breastfeeding and chose this site from e-How.

The answer is...drum roll please...YES! A female dolphin has two nipples hidden inside of slits of her underbelly where the calf nuzzles its snout or rostrum into the slit and feels for the nipple with its tongue. You can read more about how the feeding routine goes here. Quite fascinating I must say.

I was gasping when presented with this fact. Did you know -- this is especially for mothers out there by the way -- that the calf nurses about four times per hour?

Can you imagine yourself as a mother nursing your baby every 15 minutes? You think about that....