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Sunday was by the far the most enjoyable and pleasurable day after a couple of weeks of high humidity and high 90's.

We decided to venture to French Park. It was quite a ways from our house but we love this park so much we didn't mind the drive. We used to come here alot back when Jeff and I lived in a one bedroom small apartment around the area. The park is located along the north shore of Medicine Lake and offers a swimming beach along with trails for hiking, biking and walking as well as fishing pier. In the Winter time, they have this giant hill where you can go snow tubing. If you don't know what snow tubing, Google it up. It is one of the ways, the Northeners, in the Midwest do for fun during the cold bitter months of Winter or simply ask me.

Our favorite -- well, Treyton's favorite -- is the Net. Here's the clip of what you can do on the Net. I don't know if that's the official name but that's what we call it. It's a massive jungle gym with ropes and ropes knoted together to resemble a net, where kids, adults too, I guess, can climb up and down and throw themselves on to the hammock-like ropes. A couple of run-throughs of these, I swear to God you burn at least 700+ calories. It was quite an exercise. As usual, Canon came with me and here are some of the snapshots it produces.

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The Net - French Park

The Net - French Park

The Net - French Park





Here's a slideshow of the rest of the photos taken at French Park.