Where does the Easter Bunny come from?

According to Treyton, Springland. You must hop the Earth in circles 50 times around it until you get to the top of the pole , and that's how you get to Springland.

Before bed, he had a message to the Easter bunny to go easy on him on the hiding, especially the golden egg because he's just a five year old.

Treyton is TERRIBLE at scavenger hunt! We eventually had to do the hot and cold thing. "You're hotter, now cold, really cold, GO BACK TO WHERE YOU WERE!"

Happy Easter folks! Be sure you brush your teeth before bed tonight.

After a cloudy depressing Saturday yesterday, the sun was shining today. Lovely!

The Easter Bunny is REALLY tricky!
Found the "Golden Egg". We practically pointed it out where they were. He's a HUGE fan of Ferrero Roches
Ferrero Roches for Breakfast? Don't mind if I do!
I don't do Easter, get out of my sunny spot, kid.

His basket from the "Easter Bunny"
Yeap, this will be gone by end of day today.
Shouting "I LOVE YOU Easter Bunny!"
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