Way To Go, Mom!

My mother requested that we came to Iowa for her graduation ceremony. I said "Why of course, wouldn't miss it for the world". We drove about 3.5 hours Friday night after work to catch a little bit of zz's at Putri's house and to wake up buck early the next morning to drive another 3.5 hours to Clinton, Iowa. I shouldn't bitch, my mom flew all the way from Indonesia and arrived that Friday. My sister Ria rented a minivan and drove 10 hours from Colorado.

I have never heard of Clinton, Iowa before and this was the only landmark that I would remember Clinton of. A giant golden dome which I believe is a factory of some sort where they make dog food as we caught an unpleasant whiff of it on the way.


Jeff got a call from Mike Landis and Mike said "You're going to Clinton? You MUST go to Flavor Flav Chicken Shack. "We're like, I beg your pardon? We got too excited. So I Googled the place and turned out it had closed down just a couple of days ago due to management problem. Goddamnit! You can read the story here.

My mother graduated from Ashford University and received her B.A. degree in College of Health, Human Services and Science. The ceremony was nice, as the day go by the temperature rise and it got warmer. The guest speaker that day was Ron Clark and I tell you what, he was off the hook! Very animated! He used the entire stage and was jumping up and down and waving his hands around like pelicans on steroids. He was quite charming and apparently a movie was made about him starring Matthew Perry.

I got emotional as you see family members came to cheer them on, shouting, "You Go Girl!" "Way To Go, Mom." "Way to go, Dad." Threre's something special about being an adult, working full-time, raising a family and also have to commit some time to do homework. That's a lot of work. I should I know, I am one of them.

I am VERY proud of her. We all were. Congratulations Mom. Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday. We love you very much.

Here are some photos I took of her. Click the expand button on the lower right hand side corner to view in full screen. Looks better that way. I knew I had to bring my Tamron 300mm with me to get a close up of the stage shot. Alas, it was windy as hell so to keep the camera steady was a bit challenging, but I did my best.