Mother's Day Festivities

Woke up to this on my backyard and got washed out minutes later by the rain. The greatest eco-friendly greeting card ever!
went to Perkins for breakfast with Jeff's family, a last minute decision, because every other restaurants were an hour or two wait. My dish was so bland I wanted to eat an eggroll right away and coat my tongue with sriracha
Got a homemade card from Treyton. He's a pretty good writer for a 5-year old.
Trying to make sense of why he chose to draw his dad washing his hands on the kitchen sink (note the details on the faucet, the water and the drainage). The little orange stick man is Treyton giving a heart shaped cookie to me. He kissed me on the cheek and left a red heart mark on it. We all have a smile on our face, even the furry red cat with black fur is smiling.

He also painted this pot and planted this pansy all by himself. He's definitely dead on my the choice of my favorite colors!
After an afternoon of Action Script, my head was filled with coding. The boys pulled me out of my chair to take me to Thor. I think I could've waited until it comes out on Nextflix.
Even after seeing Thor, Spider Man is still kickin' ass! According to Treyton.

Jeff's gift to me was taking me and Treyton to dinner at Senor Wong
We had these at Senor Wong:
  • Bangkok Lemonade (refreshing!)
  • Donkey Punch (strong!) They have some awesome cocktail selection and a pretty good sake list.
  • Black Bean Croquetas (Cripy on the outside and smooth on the inside)
  • Meatball Pho (a safe dish for Treyton and he said he fell in love with this dish)
  • Arrachera; Wild Boar Meatballs, grilled zuchini, poblano and onions with guajilo chipotle sauce and paired with creamy ice risotto.
  • Yuzu Cointreau Duck. Seared duck breast, sauteed yu choy, and yuzu (citrus) and Cointreau sauce. The duck was perfectly cooked, the yu choy was too salty, the sauce, actually looks more like a glaze is sweet. It was paired with gingered sweet potato dumplings, but I think they could kick the ginger up a notch
  • Dessert! Caramelized Pear and Five Spice Bread Pudding. Farking delicious! I was scraping. The 12 year single malt Yamazaki butter scotch sauce was to die for! and the streusel fortune cookies was a nice touch. It was paired with homemade vanilla ice cream
  • We also shared Asian Smores. Creamy rice pudding, topped with charred mini marshmallows, spicy and to die for Mexican chocolate, and mixed of ground almond and graham crackers. It was also paired with homemade vanilla ice cream.
All these festivities make for one happy mom!
Happy Mother's Day.

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