Indonesia - Day 2 - Welcome to Tokyo

Finally made it to Narita on day 2 or 3, whatever your time zone perspective it may be. Trapped at the airport. A girl helped us with the paperwork and finally passed custom. Took the shuttle to Crowne Plaza Hotel. Each bus was visited by security as they are checking for passports.

We made it!

a butt shower

Look at all these buttons on one toilet! Why don't we adapt this in U.S. ? One must wonder, are these standard toilet in Japan? They are in airports and hotels!
The toilet has a hose that moves forward and back depends on which button you push for which area you want cleaned. The Flushing sound is played if you don't want any other unpleasant noises to be heard by others while you do your business AND you can turn the volume down or up! The water pressure can be adjusted depending on how messy you are. There's also a deodorizer button that you can push to mask whatever kind of gas came out. Did I mention the the seats are heated?! And you can also adjust the heat temp?! I WANT THIS INSTALLED IN MY BATHROOMs!

Indonesia_2011-3 Indonesia_2011-4
Taxis in Tokyo.

We got held up a little while at custom, because we lack paperwork. Fortunately there was this extremely helpful lady helping us fill out the necessary forms. You can already noticed the hospitality with the bows. Treyton was liking the bows. "It's like in Kung Fu movies." He said.
We also noticed a lot of people walking around with masks on.

posing at the back of the bus heading for Crowne Plaza

Indonesia_2011-30 Indonesia_2011-29
The security dudes leaving after checking out our passports. We're Legal!

On our way to our hotel, I noticed that there aren't too many billboards. The streets were extremely narrow. The buildings were lacking windows and colors, mostly unpainted cement.

Since there are three of us, of course you need three beds. Duh!
The beds were harder than the normal beds in US hotels. But the funny thing, we woke up refresh! Well the 3 hours of on and off sleep we got. The TV shows here are SUPER animated, very entertaining, it almost looks rather cheesy but entertaining. A lot of jumping icons.

I have the feeling the Japanese absolutely treasure bath time. What you don't see here is, there was an exclusive instructions on how to prepare your bath water. It told me to turn the faucet to a certain number of temperature which was displayed on the faucet. Unlike the faucet I've seen with two indications, hot or cold, this one had numbers! Once you filled enough water, it said to soak your feet first for a few minutes before completely submerging yourself in the really deep tub. It's refreshing to see that the soaps were presented in bottles, less waste that way.

BREAKFAST! Check out the buffet table! I was in heaven!
We had an awesome breakfast before catching our shuttle to the airport for our final destination to Jakarta.

Lotsa salted fish, tofu in all kinds of forms, porridge, white rice, miso soup with all kinds of toppings like dried seaweed, black sesame, bonito flakes, daikons, etc.


Indonesia_2011-17 Indonesia_2011-22Indonesia_2011-23
no wonder Japanese girls are skinny, healthy with glowing skin.