Indonesia - Day 6 Kidzania

After hiking up a mountain, muddy, sweaty, and cranky, my mother had an ingenious idea to take us straight to Jakarta, to one of the most lavish mall in Jakarta where you will see Rolls Royce and Lamborghini displayed smack down in the middle of the mall, where Prada and Hermes were featured along with Bottega Veneta and Givenchy. Do you remember my muddy butt attire? Yeah, I entered the mall like so. I had to cover my behind with my large purse but at the same time my mom keeps telling me to keep my purse at sight afraid something inside my purse will get stolen. Hhmm, tough decision, I chose to cover my butt.

To compromise with the kids, we decided to take them to Kidzania. Kidzania is an educational indoor theme park. Upon entering Kidzania Jakarta, kids are given a boarding pass, a map of the city, and a 50 Kidzos (the official currency of Kidzania) paycheck. Inside, kids work on over 70 different professions. Some establishments require children to pay a significant amount of Kidzos. If one runs out of money, they must work in establishments that offer salaries in a significant amount of Kidzos. A security bracelet is required during entry so that parents can find you if you are lost, and can only be removed upon return to the front desk.

Treyton, waiting for Uncle Alvin to enter. This is him sitting down on an invisible chair.

Treyton, Ivory and Alvin got to be a deejay.

Cashing his Kidzos paycheck

Check up at the hospital to get a medical ID. He will then take this medical ID to the Dept. of Transportation to get his mug shot and issued a driver license. He can then take his driver license to go car racing. The sequence must be done as so.

To get to this point you must have a driver's license which you must have medical ID to get a driver's license. You get it now?

This is where "the chefs" are. This is where Treyton was given a chicken nugget and the task is to put the chicken nugget between two soda crackers with a slice of cheese and ketchup. Yeah, I didn't think so either.

Moulding chocolate at the SilverQueen factory. SilverQueen is the brand name of chocolate in Indonesia.

They learn how to paint

Slacking from painting

There were other places that Treyton, Ivory and Alvin got to experience, such as the dentist, where kids could do some teeth cleaning and tooth extraction on a dummy, the police station where were chauffeur by an adult to chase a robber throughout the park, the fire truck went around the park before it's final destination of a burning building where kids could put out the fire (all light simulated), a movie theater where kids can be the person selling tickets, or be an actor, a pizza place where kids can make their own dough and top their own pizzas. They even had a night club for kids, which was odd to me, where kids could either be a deejay or just dancing on the floor under the disco ball.

Each of these activities are sponsored by giant corporations in Indonesia. The Dentist was sponsored by Pepsodent brand of toothpaste wildly use in Indonesia, the Chocolate factory by Silver Queen company, so on and so forth.

It's quite a fun place really, unfortunately my camera ran out of battery and the phone camera also ran out of battery as we didn't expect to come here at all.