Happy New Year 2010

I woke up yesterday and decided I wanted to do some stop-motion project. I absolutely love the jerkiness effect. I had a ton of ideas but I know I wanted to try something small first and did not want to commit days doing this. So here's my first production of 1-minute and 16-second video. I am so proud of it and I would do it again in a HEART BEAT! My 5-year old Treyton helped me with gathering the lego pieces and snapping the pictures. He was a great help and even said "This is so much fun!"

It took me approximately 3.5 hours from assembling the legos (finding the pieces that would look good and proportionate), to snapping the pictures (200 of them), importing, color correcting, importing again, and finally touch up on timeline and adding the soundtrack (could've done better with the soundtrack but all of my good songs are not on my Mac, they're on my Windows).

Overall, I had A TON of fun and I can't wait to do more of these. Happy New Year to you all!


  1. Dhila, this is beautiful! Boy... Do you have the patience for art! Of course! You can't forget Ranger. lol.

    Beautiful family! :)

  2. Thank You Toni. Patience, I do have, my friend, alas, time is not something I have. I just love doing this kinda stuff.

  3. That is amazing!! I love stop motion (this is one of my favs http://www.paisleyjade.com/2008/11/western-spaghetti.html).

    You've done an amazing job - woohoo!! Can't wait to see more.

    Have a wonderful New Year. xoxo

  4. wow, this is quite epic! wish i could be patient and skilled enough to make something like this :)


  5. OMG! I LOVE THIS! Sooooo cool! I'm stepping on my kids' legos constantly. I should do something productive with them, like this! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thank you everybody for the kind words. PaisleyJade, my 5-year old totally heart the link you provided, thank you for sharing. He's been playing it about 59 times and still counting now.