If I were Gingy's Exterior Designer

Since we're literally snowed in, about a foot and half of snow and still counting, Treyton said we should make Gingy's house to kill time. There were 3 different designs that we could choose but since we couldn't decided we decided to forget the design and just decorate it however we wanted it.

The skittles were not included but Treyton was adamant to add some to the house.
I was pretty happy with the results especially since this is the first time I assembled a gingerbread house. This took me about 2.5 hours to assemble and I would do it again. To my surprise this was pretty relaxing and fun!

Putting green skittles on the window

gingy_house-1 gingy_house-6

This is one of the smaller walls. The "lights" were a bit challenging to stay on and so are the "icicles".
Corn starch helps smooth out the white icing.

I LOVE how the stained glass windows turned out. To do this, take the gum drops and roll them out with a rolling pin on a sugared surface to keep it from sticking. Then you cut them in squares.

I didn't want to waste the cutout pieces from the rolled out gum drops for the windows, so I turned the "shavings" into an entry. Some of them are applied to the green bushes around the house.



gingy_house-16 gingy_house-17

I just wanted to show you how much snow we got and this was just half of what we ended up with.

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  1. lindsay gilster12.12.10

    these are beautiful photos! such great memories