Oomph Your Gift Wraps

It was two days before Christmas Eve and I have yet to start wrapping my presents; not a single one! Thank goodness I took the day off to dedicate myself to gift wrapping. I got out the folding table and set my my gift wrapping station right on the corner of my dining room as the dining table is piled hight with presents waiting to be wrapped.

I find gift wrapping quite relaxing, it's almost like scrap booking. The key is to know when to stop. Here are some ideas to give your gift the ooohs and aaaahhhs wow factor.


A closer look to Sera's gift. I was disappointed that Ms. Oregon didn't think I could come up with such thing. Still love her though.

A closer look to Mandi's gift. This took a bit more time to do because of how the the ribbons were weaved.

A closer look to Erin's gift. I HEART the gold crumpled paper and I need to find some more of these.

These were a bunch of gift cards. The template is courtesy of Martha Stewart


It's cute in black and white too