Day 7 - Jogja - Borobudur

Borobudur is an 8th-century Buddhist monument located in Central Java that comprises six square platforms topped by three circular platforms decorated by thousands of panels of carved relief stones and Buddha statues. It was also one of the seven wonders of the world once.

Our driver warned us of the sellers on the way in and to watch our belongings like hawks as there are thieves. As we entered the vicinity we were chased like paparazzi chasing a rock star. I told everyone to just move their head side to side to gesture "No, we don't want to buy anything from you." The driver said if you stopped for one seller, hundreds will flock to you like seagulls demanding your popcorn.

Jeff, being, the white dude had to pay almost six times of the admission fees. The rest of us passed for locals and got in for about 3 bucks.

Once inside the vicinity, it was peaceful. There was a ton of school field trip that day and Jeff was so famous and got interviewed by students. He even exchanged emails with them to be pen pals. Random people kept asking Jeff and Treyton to take their pictures with them as if they have never seen white dudes before.



031311_Indo-107 031311_Indo-108 031311_Indo-109



greeted by this fella



each of these relief panels tells a story and not one panel is the same as the other.

031311_Indo-143 031311_Indo-145 031311_Indo-146 031311_Indo-147 031311_Indo-151 031311_Indo-152 


031311_Indo-175 031311_Indo-176

Buddha watching over the town

031311_Indo-148 031311_Indo-154 031311_Indo-178 031311_Indo-182 031311_Indo-185 031311_Indo-202


031311_Indo-256 031311_Indo-229 031311_Indo-304 031311_Indo-312 031311_Indo-320 031311_Indo-325

These pointy things are called stupa. The bigger stupas at the very top of this monument contain a buddha inside each stupa. I was told if you stick your hand inside the stupa and are able to touch the Buddha, it will bring you good luck. But then again, I was too scared to stick my hand inside, afraid it'll get severed by the Buddha because he doesn't like to be touched.


My new assistant photographer

031311_2_Indo-6 031311_2_Indo-5 031311_2_Indo-4-2 031311_2_Indo-3

Exiting the monument is as chaotic as entering it. We passed through a narrow winding path of rows and rows of souvenir sellers. It took us almost an hour to get out. I don't know if you can tell, at this point, Treyton was drenched in sweat.