Day 7 - Jogja - Lunch Time

We stopped at this restaurant that was recommended by our driver/tour guide. It was a beautiful place and the food was pretty good. I wish I remember what this place is called. I'll do some research and get back to you on that. In the mean time, please enjoy these photos along with dishes we had while we were there.

No, he did not piss in the koi pond. He just pretended he did.

031311_2_Indo-25 031311_2_Indo-27

Greeted by this couple upon entering the restaurant

031311_2_Indo-64  031311_2_Indo-69  

Jeff enjoying casava chips with hot sauce

Our bungalow sits on top of this pond

031311_2_Indo-11 031311_2_Indo-15 031311_2_Indo-16 031311_2_Indo-17 

 Took some pictures around the bungalow while waiting for our lunch to arrive. There are so many things to see around our bungalow

not the same guy as above

031311_2_Indo-18 031311_2_Indo-38 031311_2_Indo-39 

The tropical flowers found around our bungalow

031311_2_Indo-42 031311_2_Indo-41 031311_2_Indo-22 031311_2_Indo-23

The family style lunch

031311_2_Indo-51 031311_2_Indo-49
Tongseng and mie goreng

031311_2_Indo-50 031311_2_Indo-52
Fried duck with sambal, white rice and urap

031311_2_Indo-53 031311_2_Indo-54
empek empek (fish cake) and Rawon (beef in sweet gravy)

031311_2_Indo-55 031311_2_Indo-57
Shrimp roll and buras (rice steamed in banana leaves)

goat satay

refreshing dessert

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