Day 9 - Jimbaran Beach, Bali

We had quite a day today. Went for a swim at the infinite pool overlooking Indian Ocean, saw beautiful birds at Bali Bird Park, and went to see Kecak Dance at the a Tanah Lot where the temple sits on an ocean. We wrapped up the evening with dinner on the beach. Jimbaran is well know for it's rows of restaurant on the beach shore. We sipped some Bintang beer, devouring made to order fresh seafood caught that morning.

This was only HALF of the food that we ordered

Happy family (see Treyton?) How could we not? Sitting by the ocean breathing the fresh ocean air, toes burried in the white sand, the smell and taste of fresh seafood, the smell of the ocean, getting tipsy on Beer Bintang. Not one soul is unhappy here on this beach.

The sister and I waiting for our food.

Jeff wished that this moment will never go away.

>>> The next day we went to see thieves of monkeys. YES they STEAL! >>>