Day 9 - Bali Bird Park

Bali Bird Park is the most beautiful bird park I have ever been to. The birds roam free and definitely not shy around people as you can see from the picture below.

On the way to the Bird Park I snapped this picture of two elderly (couple) sifting rocks.

This pretty peacock fella was not at all scared of people

Jeff took a decent picture actually. We took this so fast because it started to rain

Pelicans! They were everywhere!

031610_Indo-166 031610_Indo-163

Up to see the owls! and stopped to say hi to these geese.

031610_Indo-116 031610_Indo-110 031610_Indo-108

having challenges working with the limited lights but I got some pretty decent ones
These owls are sooo pretty.

031610_Indo-126 031610_Indo-127 031610_Indo-124 031610_Indo-122
The 3rd owl on from the left is UBER cute, click on him to enlarge.

Check out this ancient-looking bird. This guy was as tall as Treyton

031610_Indo-93 031610_Indo-90

This guy must have lived during the dinosaur days and survived. This guys is about as tall as me.


Kiss...Kiss...I love you...

031610_Indo-58 031610_Indo-53 031610_Indo-78 031610_Indo-77

I was surprised Treyton was not scared at all

031610_Indo-45 031610_Indo-52

This bird is called Kakatua and it talks its name alot. Treyton was so impressed, he kept saying "Kakatua, Kakatua" over and over and over and over again. This one bird definitely stuck in his head.

031610_Indo-47 031610_Indo-46

What kind of flower is this? I've never seen such thing!

031610_Indo-128 031610_Indo-85 031610_Indo-84 031610_Indo-83
Can anyone tell me what type of flowers these are?

Of course, Jeff just couldn't resist

031610_Indo-186 031610_Indo-185

Across from Bali Bird Park was a reptile garden. Here you can see all sorts of reptiles you can think of. Treyton and I waited outside. After seeing the first giant alligator he no longer wished to proceed. He's seen enough. This is what Ivory started of with....

and she ended up with this... my sister (her mom) can be a bitch sometime...

>>> Next Stop, Tanah Lot, temple above the Indian ocean...>>>