Bar Mitzvah Invitation Done Right!

It  all started with this. Heidi, a colleague of mine and Andrew's mom, has a huge task this year. She is planning her son's bar mitzvah next year in January. The guests are coming from all over the country. She had an idea of doing a stop-motion clip for the save-the-date invitation. That's when I jumped in and said "Let me give it a shot!"

So we made a date for me to show up to do a photo shoot where I met Andrew. This handsome dude is one busy dude, he plays basketball, he plays baseball, he plays the piano, he was in a play, he studies Torah and many other extra curriculum activities he's done.

I wanted to capture all these activities and I created this short clip for him.

Andrew's Save The Date Stop Motion Clip

Andrew Geller-Save The Date Postcard- Bar Mitzvah

And then mom needed something to create a save-the-date postcard to be mailed out to guests. So I created this (above).

Last but not least, I offered to create a blog for guests to check out the site for information pertaining to Andrew's bar mitzvah and here's what I made:

We chose blue background because Andrew's aspiration to attend Duke University
Click the image above or this link to view Andrew's Bar Mitzvah's blog.

This was such a fun project and mom also asked me to be the photographer for the event and I am VERY looking forward to it.