Staircases and Treyton

I always love our landing in our house with the open staircases but never knew what to do with it to give it an oomph. Recently, I decked it out to make it look a little more interesting. Then, Treyton and I decided to have a fun photo shoot with this new look. I just love how not camera shy Treyton is, he's conditioned to do so. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do.

Here's that handsome dude who is going to turn 6 in a couple of weeks. Yes, I advocate Fonzy's up-collars look. I thinks it's very classy.

untitled-7.jpg untitled-5.jpg 


untitled-2.jpg untitled-3.jpg


Therapy session with Ranger. "I just don't understand it Ranger, what should I do?"


untitled-21.jpg untitled-24.jpg

untitled-22-2.jpg untitled-20.jpg
a little observation I made about these hanging vines. I'm convinced that the ceiling fan blowing that simulate wind increases the growth of the vines rapidly than without the fan.

Paintings by my friend Popita Ghozali