Oui! Oui!

For those of you who know Jeff and I, we LOVE to cook together. So this year, I've decided to throw a French Party for the family where Jeff and I cooked a little French meal for the family to celebrate both our birthdays (our birthdays are on the same month). I know some of you think, why would you cook your own meal on your birthday? Well, quite simple, I really like cooking for others, it gives me joy and what gives me joy, and give other people joy will make turning older joyful. Happy birthday to me and Jeff!

This was the invitation. Designed by me.

This was the menu that was placed on each plate that was neatly tucked under the folded napkins like the picture below.


Made these drink labels for everyone's stem glasses

The boss and the husband sent me flowers to work and I took them home, rearranged them into smaller bouquets and put on mugs instead of vases.

For appetizers, I laid out assortments of French cheeses, such as Brie, Camembert and Port Salut
The second plate are slices of Saucisson Sec from Northern Waters Smokehouse in Duluth, Minn. A delicious salami! The bottom plate are baguettes made fresh daily from Chez Arnaud in Maple Grove, Minn. 

Jeff discouraged me from making Bouef Bourguignon or Coq Au Vin. Instead we went with simple Filet Mignon which Chef Jeff made. I made the Haricot Verts tied with Orange Rind as well as the Boursin Mashed Red Potatoes. 

For dessert, I intended to make mini Pumpkin Creme Brulee for the first time and half of them the sugar didn't hardened as it should so some of them turned into a flan which was equally delicious!
It's topped with Jeff's incredible Fresh Cranberry Sauce. This sauce is the most versatile we've ever had. It goes on everything! Turkey, ice cream, pies, cakes, obviously this awesome Creme Brulee slash Flan.

I also made this super velvety chocolate mousse, layered with Raspberries. Topped with vanilla rolled wafers.

We ended the session by taking these shots. The moustaches were made by my mother-in-law using felts.
It was a great party! This year France, next year we'll visit Italy.

Jeff's mom and dad - Mike and Jean. My in-laws. The greatest in-laws ever! Jean is a cancer survivor. Doesn't she look amazing?!

Patty and Caye. Patty is Jean's little sister.

The Grandmas! Grandma Ginny (left-Mike's mom) and Grandma Peggy (right-Jean's mom)

Grandma Peggy and her companion, Trapper.

There's that cute couple again

Carol (Jean's sister) and Matt, one of Treyton's favorite uncle (Patty's son)

Patty's daughter,  Nicole and her husband Mark with their only son (for now) Kian

Treyton's cousins: Kael (right) and Ethan (left), aren't they adorable! Behind them is their mom Kristi (Nicole and Matt's sister) as they're leaving for church.


My boys. Jeff put on a shirt that says "Canada, where grandma gets her drugs". As close as French as he could come up with. I dressed up as a French Maid. I think it suits well for the occasion